In the off state, press and hold the online button to turn on the printer, the printer will enter the self-test mode, and print out a variety of built-in dot matrix fonts.

In the off state, press and hold the paper feed button and then turn on the printer power to enter the data dump mode. When in this mode, the printer will print all the codes input to the printer in hexadecimal mode, disconnect the power and then reconnect. The normal mode can be restored.

The electronic lock provides different permission controls, and different gear positions can implement different button settings, thereby restricting the user’s operation and achieving the authority control. The electronic lock generally has three keys, one REG is provided to the cashier at the front desk, one Z is provided to the manager, and one SP is provided to the administrator.

There are two ways to connect: one is installed at the interface between the keyboard and the host, this method is to use the scanner’s own parallel connection. The other is installed on the external keyboard port of the programmable keyboard.

The principle of opening the POS cash box first is very simple. It is to send a 5V (some money box is 24V) pulse signal to the cash box, and the cash box will open. The cash box is big or small, but its interface is different. Some are similar to telephone line connectors. Some have only two wires, some are COM ports, and some are LPT ports. The installation and connection methods are also different. Software The driving method is different.

There are generally three ways to install:

The first type: If there is a ticket printer, the back of the general ticket printer has a drive interface of the cash drawer. Connect the RJ11 connector (similar to the telephone line connector) of the cash drawer to the drive interface on the back of the ticket printer. The general ticket printer is connected. On the COM port or LPT port, and then send a signal to the COM or LPT port through the software, so that the cash box can be opened; and the drive command for driving the cash box is sent by the ticket printer, so it has nothing to do with the cash box. The supplier of the ticket printer will provide you with a description of the driver’s cash box instructions for this model printer. You can then add this command to your POS front-end software.

STAR ticket printer driver command


EPSON and TP-POS58 ticket printer driver commands


Second: If you do not use the ticket printer, you usually need to buy a cash box driver card, which is usually equipped with an EXE file (such as OPEN.COM file) to open the cash box, you only need to connect the cash box to the cash box On the card (the interface is similar to the COM port, some are similar to the LPT port, some are the R11 interface, some directly connect the two lines), and then call this command in your software program, the cash box card will be sent to the cash box The current pulse, so you can open the cash box. Maybe because the interface of the cash box and the cash box interface card will be different, resulting in no connection, because we have seen the cash box only two lines, there is no joint. Don’t worry at this time, because the interface line of the cash box is composed of two wires, one is the positive pole and the other is the negative pole. The reason of the cash box interface card is the same, as long as the pair is right.

The third type: on some industrial computer motherboards or brand POS machines, it will have a COM port to provide 5V current, then directly connect the cash box to the interface, but the cash box must be a COM port connector. The cash box, and the software is simple, just send a signal to the COM port, but this signal with a password, can be set according to customer needs.

The connector of the cash drawer cable uses the RJ-11 head to connect to the printer or customer display or cash box card in the same shape as a regular telephone line connector. A total of 6 cores are allowed for the RJ-11 head. The leftmost and rightmost cores are generally void-invalid, so the remaining 4 cores are available. Driving the cash box only needs +, – two lines, so some drive devices use 2, 4 feet, and some use 3, 5 feet as +, – two poles. Please refer to the manual for the specific connection.

At present, there are two kinds of voltages for the cash box, 5V and 24V. In order to adapt to this voltage range, the design voltage of the cashbox solenoid valve is 18V±6V, so that the solenoid valve can be operated regardless of the voltage.

The inside of the cash box is actually composed of a solenoid valve and a transmission device, so it can be divided into electric and manual opening methods. The electric method is to send an electric signal to the solenoid valve. The general electric signal is 5V and 24V, which can be supplied by the ticket printer or the customer display screen. The manual method is to open directly with the key.

The customer display does not need to install the driver, and the driving process is the process of sending data to the serial port. The commands sent by the customer display are compatible with the EPSON “ESC/POS” instruction set. Please refer to the manual for the specific format.