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Shenzhen 80POS Business Alliance Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, manufacturing, service and sales of new retail information intelligent POS. It is a professional service of smart POS system. Business.

Founded in 2013, the company is headquartered in the beautiful and innovative Shenzhen. It has set up branches and more than 400 dealers in 10 core cities in China, forming a global market layout at home and abroad. After years of hard work, the Zero-Commerce Business Association has achieved leap-forward development, and it has also been widely recognized by all walks of life. It has won many awards and achieved good results.

As a high-tech enterprise that leads the market with innovation, the Zero-Commerce Group is based on retail informationization, along with the road of intelligent POS and self-service cashier, and grows together with customers.



ShengETong 6th birthday, thanksgiving feedback!

Affectionate August, thanksgiving feedback~~~ This year, we were born E-pass six years old, here we celebrated her birthday. First of all, please allow us to express our heartfelt gratitude and respect to our customers and agents who care and support us. At the same time, we also allow us to express our cordial condolences to the hard work of all the company's employees.


ShendEtong debut at CBME Pregnancy and Child Show, International Internet of Things Exhibition

Smart retail will completely change the way people live under the influence of the 5G era. The establishment and improvement of the Internet of Things has become a common topic of all mankind. This epic change, the 80th Chamber of Commerce and other smart companies participated side by side, making new achievements in the field of smart retail, and contributing to the key link in the construction of the Internet of Things.


Technology giants suffer from enemies: digital tax will be imposed in the shadow of anti-monopoly

Not yet from the whirlpool of US antitrust investigations, Google, Facebook and other technology giants are facing global “encirclement and suppression.” At the meeting of the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors on June 9th, the G20 finance minister agreed to prepare common rules by 2020 to fill the global technology giants such as Facebook to reduce corporate taxes. Vulnerabilities. According to the announcement issued after the meeting, the details of how to tax the technology giants have not yet been determined, but will be gradually improved through the revision of the “two pillars” of the link and profit distribution rules and the global anti-tax base erosion proposal. The finance ministers pointed out in the G20 communique, “We welcome the recent progress in addressing the tax challenges of digitization and endorse this ambitious plan, which includes two pillar programs.” Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said in an interview after the meeting, “We have two pillars at the moment, I…


Gree “roar” Oaks was onlookers

On the first day after the Dragon Boat Festival, Gree Electric officially reported the Oaks air-conditioning “production and sales of unqualified products”, boarded the hot search, and brushed the home appliance industry, which also led many companies in the Internet, IT technology and other industries. In fact, the dispute between the two sides has been for a long time, Gree has repeatedly sued Oaks for infringement of its patent rights. Tianxue investigation information shows that the Oaks Group has as many as 34 lawsuits, mostly related to patent disputes. Gree Electric Appliances “Roar” Oaks On June 10th, Gree Electric released a report letter on the official Weibo on the production and sales of unqualified air-conditioning products of Aux Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. The report was submitted to the State Administration of Market Supervision. Gree Electric also has the National Development and Reform Commission in Weibo. According to the “Report Letter”, Gree Electric reported to the State Administration of Market Supervision…


G20 agrees how far technology giants are from digital taxes

The tech giant has been hit again. On the 9th, Beijing time, Reuters reported that the G20 finance minister had reached a consensus on the 8th to formulate common rules to make up for the loopholes used by global technology giants such as Facebook to reduce corporate income tax. In fact, regarding the “digital tax”, the EU has tried many times. Under the leadership of France and the United Kingdom, the days of technology giants have become more and more difficult. However, the United States is still behind the support, and the differences within the EU still exist, and the digital tax distance may actually take some time. Is it difficult Not surprisingly, large technology companies have once again become the center of discussion. Reuters reported that the final version of the digital tax bulletin was released on Sunday. “We are pleased with the progress made in addressing the tax challenges brought about by the digitalization issue and agree to…