Food Industry Solution

In recent years, with the acceleration of the development of the times, “fast” has become a fashion, a pursuit, and “fast food” characterized by “fast pace of life” has come to the fore. In pursuit of “faster” dining peaks, fast-food restaurants are generally under pressure from high-loading cashiers. The relatively complex front-end and back-office environments, such as high humidity, large temperature changes, and high personnel flow speed, put more stringent requirements on the cash register. The e-food solution will be fully solved for you: 1. The problem of high cash register failure rate; 2. The problem of lowering the cashing efficiency and the turnover rate during peak hours.

Restaurant Solution

In recent years, the development of China’s catering industry has maintained a strong growth momentum, growing at an annual rate of around 18%, which is twice the increase in GDP. In this process, modern information technology has contributed. It greatly reduces the operating costs of the company and improves customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, with the improvement of living standards, consumers are placing increasing demands on the catering industry. Sheng etong provides you with a comprehensive solution for the restaurant:   1. Improve cashier efficiency;   2, high-end services that give customers a sense of honor and service expertise.

Shopping center Solution

The E-Commerce Shopping Center solution is dedicated to creating a fully intelligent retail information application experience for the enterprise. Through the layout of one machine and one cabinet, it solves the problems of long queue time and empty-handed shopping, and combines intelligent security, Internet advertising, video smart dressing experience, mobile payment and other diversified marketing channels to open online and offline omni-channel marketing for shopping. The center improves operational efficiency and builds its core competencies:   1. Improve cashier efficiency;   2, increase the value of data;   3, reduce the cost of electricity;   4, reduce the cashier’s cost;

Cinema Solution

The 2016 McKinsey survey shows that Chinese consumers are beginning to increase their spending quality and experience. In 2015, the cinema box office revenue soared by 50%. This is enough to show that Chinese consumers are very keen to spend money to go to the cinema to watch such leisure activities. . China’s film consumption upgrade is showing strong momentum and vitality. At the same time, consumers have put forward more stringent requirements for the service experience of the cinema. Imagine being a bad consumer experience once you missed the exciting opening of a popular movie because of the long purchases, waiting for a consultation, waiting for a seat, and buying popcorn drinks. The ShengETong film solution for you, from the cash register operation to the process, comprehensively improve the cashier service!

Shopping mall supermarket Solution

At the peak of the day, waiting for the cashier has always been a headache for supermarket. More cashiers can’t solve the problem of consumers abandoning shopping and customer churn due to low cash handling efficiency. At the same time, the busy cash register, the phenomenon of piracy in the supermarket over the cash register frequently appeared, it is difficult to contain… ShengETong Smart POS System Solution for more than ten years, deep understanding of the business process of the retail industry, the e-business super solution from the cashier solution to help supermarket:   1. Improve cashier efficiency;   2, to prevent theft within the cash register;   3, reduce the cash register load;

Coffee shop, bakery shop Solution

The tempting coffee, the exquisite baking cake, the sweet and healthy tea, and the emerging coffee roasters make the life of the petty bourgeoisie of this new generation of consumer groups full of high quality after 80, 90, and 00. Every holiday coffee roaster is “a hard to find” and “queuing a long queue” has become an iconic “culture”. However, long-term waiting for the cash register will inevitably consume the patience of consumers. The problem of competitors’ incompatibility and impact on the performance of the store environment will gradually be exposed with the cash register queuing problem. Health e-power coffee roaster:   1, improve the cashier efficiency of the store;   2, maintain the store environment;

Convenience store Solution

In today’s urban life, the customer’s emergency and convenience consumer demand has been quickly met in the convenience store. So in the cashier, the customer can accept only 3 minutes. To this end, according to the characteristics of the convenience store industry, according to the convenience store operation process, Sheng etong provides a fast and efficient cash register solution for domestic and foreign companies. The scheme is as follows: 1, multi-point support system;   2, multi-item clothes content;   3, multiple security;   4, many customers;

Specialty store Solution

Specialized products and other formats gather high-end consumer groups, and such people often have high requirements for the shopping environment. A quiet and comfortable shopping environment makes it easier to increase consumers’ desire to buy. Health e-pass store solution, comprehensive: 1. Improve the ability of single store cashier service; 2, improve the image of the store; 3. Provide consumers with a valuable cashier service; 4. Solve the problem of the security of the income of the main business of the store.