Name Configuration
Motherboard CPU: J1800 motherboard dual core 2.41GHz
Memory DDR3-2G Notebook Memory
Hard Disk MSATA32G Solid State Drive
Monitor 13.3” Full-flat LCD (Wireless Hot Plug Technology)
Resolution Resolution: 1920*1080 Refresh rate: 60Hz
Keyboard KB102PC with keycap (with magnet)
cash box 405B three-speed steel cash box (Hongsheng)
Printer Inline Research 58 Large Gear Thermal Printer
Interface 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port, 5 USB ports, 1 network port, 2 PS/2, VGA*1
Subscreen 11.6″ Full Flat LCD Display 1366*768
Operating system support Windows 7 and above
Power Hangjia Power 200W
Color Metallic color
Other Operating Environment: Working Environment Temperature: -20-60°C Working Environment Humidity: 0-90%
Remarks All core accessories of this product are from the brand supplier, guarantee new, if the picture does not match, the actual product shall prevail.
Hardware Upgrade 2G memory can be upgraded to 4G; 32G hard drive can be upgraded to 64G; 1800 motherboard can be upgraded to 1900 (please contact customer service for specific fees);