Name Configuration
Motherboard CPU: J1800 motherboard dual core 2.41GHz
Memory DDR3-2G notebook memory
Hard Disk M-32G electronic hard drive
Monitor 15-inch full-plane capacitive screen +12-inch flat screen
Resolution 1024*768
Interface 2 serial ports, 1 parallel port, 7 USB ports, 1 network port, 2 PS/2
Operating system support Windows7 and Windows8
Power Hangjia 12V7A Power Adapter
Color White/Metal Color
Other Operating Environment: Working Environment Temperature: -20-60°C Working Environment Humidity: 0-90%
Optional Accessories Printer: 58mm large gear thermal printer Keyboard: KB102 black Cash box: 405 neutral black
Hardware Upgrade 2G memory can be upgraded to 4G; 32G hard drive can be upgraded to 64G; 1800 motherboard can be upgraded to 1900 (please contact customer service for specific fees);