Shopping mall supermarket Solution

Shopping mall supermarket

At the peak of the day, waiting for the cashier has always been a headache for supermarket. More cashiers can’t solve the problem of consumers abandoning shopping and customer churn due to low cash handling efficiency. At the same time, the busy cash register, the phenomenon of piracy in the supermarket over the cash register frequently appeared, it is difficult to contain…

ShengETong Smart POS System Solution for more than ten years, deep understanding of the business process of the retail industry, the e-business super solution from the cashier solution to help supermarket:


  • 1. Improve cashier efficiency;

  • 2, to prevent theft within the cash register;

  • 3, reduce the cash register load;


  • Improve cashier efficiency and ease empty-hand shopping

    All components such as mainframe, printing, and scanning are integrated to save cashier space while allowing all cashier operations to be completed in one go.

  • Solve the problem of internal piracy, the cash register comes with a camera

    Comes with a camera, monitors the scanning and printing in real time, finds an abnormality, and immediately gives an alarm.

  • Support multiple payment methods such as WeChat and Alipay

    Support cash, credit cards, gift certificates, electronic cards and other payment methods and mobile payment methods such as WeChat payment and Alipay.

  • Earn additional advertising revenue for Shangchao

    POS device independent advertising back edition can play Internet advertising, according to 1000 yuan monthly advertising revenue, 1 year, 50 devices can make money for the merchant 600,000 advertising.

  • Know customer preferences immediately, precision marketing

    Combined with the advertising screen Real Sense camera technology, merchants can identify consumers' emotional feedback on advertising content in real time, deeply explore consumer habits, push recommended product information in a timely manner, and accurately market.