Food Industry

In recent years, with the acceleration of the development of the times, “fast” has become a fashion, a pursuit, and “fast food” characterized by “fast pace of life” has come to the fore. In pursuit of “faster” dining peaks, fast-food restaurants are generally under pressure from high-loading cashiers. The relatively complex front-end and back-office environments, such as high humidity, large temperature changes, and high personnel flow speed, put more stringent requirements on the cash register. The e-food solution will be fully solved for you: 1. The problem of high cash register failure rate; 2. The problem of lowering the cashing efficiency and the turnover rate during peak hours.

Coffee shop, bakery shop

The tempting coffee, the exquisite baking cake, the sweet and healthy tea, and the emerging coffee roasters make the life of the petty bourgeoisie of this new generation of consumer groups full of high quality after 80, 90, and 00. Every holiday coffee roaster is “a hard to find” and “queuing a long queue” has become an iconic “culture”. However, long-term waiting for the cash register will inevitably consume the patience of consumers. The problem of competitors’ incompatibility and impact on the performance of the store environment will gradually be exposed with the cash register queuing problem. Health e-power coffee roaster:   1, improve the cashier efficiency of the store;   2, maintain the store environment;